Monday, November 23, 2009

"This Old House" Honors Sugarhouse

Sugarhouse has been named Utah’s best city by “This Old House” magazine. The cozy bungalow and cottage-style homes that are a staple of the community were called a “first-time homebuyer’s delight” by the magazine, which named one city for each state in the nation and one in Canada.


  1. I love that Sugarhouse is actually considered a city. Not a neighborhood. A city!

    It's early. Forgive me. The coffee hasn't properly kicked in. WV = motutt. When I was in Cairo, I enjoyed all the sights, but what I really wanted was motutt.

  2. You are SOooo good with the WV. There should be a whole blog devoted to these quips.

  3. When I'm weak from exhaustion or the coffee hasn't kicked in, I tend to do better at it. I agree that some people are really good at it. There should be some place where such wits could meet and exchange verbal brilliance.

    Oh - maybe the best one yet! hestrusl What he eats for Sunday brunch.