Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I Think I'll Highlight My Hair To Match My Outfit"


  1. OK, at the risk of looking truly stoopid, it seems Blogger ate and digested my comment. So if I show up twice, apologies. I can shoulder the shame.

    Being a woman who is seriously wedded to her highlights, it is good to finally understand just how wrong the process can go.

    My word verification was "morso". I think her jacket is pretty awful, but her hair color job even morso.

    Oh, it's playing right into my hands now! This WV is trepter. She looks like they trepter as she entered the salon, causing her to pitch into the color mixing booth.

  2. Hilarious! Actually, I kind of admire her flair. You know the poem, "When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple?" She took it VERY seriously. My daughter was mortified when I snuck my camera out and shot this. I pretended I was taking a picture of daughter, Mary Ann and then quickly snuck the camera into position. I'm sure your highlights are delightful and in realistic tones.

  3. I love the "color purple" thing and I wear it often, purposely. I also love the Red Hat Society ladies who move around that way, just because they can. And I admire this woman for wearing that hair, that jacket, and going out to Dodo ANYWAY. In my opinion, daughters are too easily mortified (and that is one my favorite words!). I think youth are WAY too serious. My highlights are expensive and do replicate hair colors seen in nature. ; ~}