Thursday, February 4, 2010

What, another Birthday?!!

It's shocking, but Nanny is entering her 97th year. She is such a good sport about saving gizzard meat and dressing up as a superhero and a motorcycle Moll. 
Love you, Nanny!


  1. Aw, Sugarhouse Cookie, is toady the day? I know someone else who celebrates a birthday today, but not her 96th. Bless Nanny's heart. I wish her (and you) happiness and light.

  2. Les - The day is actually Sunday. I wrote this here so I could transfer it in a nice form to the family newsletter which was due a couple of days ago. I did it hurredly as I was busy moving Mom (Nanny) into her new assisted living apartment today. I'm way behind on my blog reading. Catch up soon. Thanks for the wishes. I will relay.

  3. I know you're just consumed with demands right now. No pressure ~ we all just miss you.